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stop tangles with Quickwinder reels extension cord reel electric cord and cable storage system

Quickwinder cord reels are a simple solution designed to help solve your cord and cable storage needs.

Quickwinder portable reels are a proven "different" approach to cord or cable handling in civilian or military environments. Our electric cord reels are being used in Industry, Law enforcement. Military, Fire departments, construction, Av studios, homes etc. The Quickwinder cord reel is a cost effective industrial product that will perform a multitude of cord winding and cable storage handling applications. From our most compact to our largest reels, a power cord storage solution is there for you. (See Safety Page)


Multi-Purpose ...Heavy-Duty ...

Industrial Construction

New…Bigger is better! Custom Rap-600 and RAP-1000 ... "reels on wheels" … A heavy duty fiber optic

cable reel

 for all your electric cord or cable storage.
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QuickWinder reels easily wind ...

Our latest reel designed for bend sensitve cable view video

Quickwinder cord/cable reel testimonials:

   "In 220-240 volt countries, our mains cables are half the thickness (for a given current rating) of those that would appear to have inspired this fabulous piece of "Ameri-Can-Do". That makes them twice as easy to wrangle, ...HOWEVER......Kids of the world, wherever you are, if you want to see grown-ups cry, give them 100 or so metres (yards) of DATA cable to put away for re-using later.
Uh-huh. Herding cats. Cat.5 or Cat.6 cables. More tangles than a Rastafarian hairdressers' convention. Not with this magic bucket.
Rather than run heavy and expensive audio cables all the way from my mixing position to a stage or performance area, I regularly send three (or maybe send two and receive one) separate audio channels via a 100 metre Cat.6 with RJ45 connectors moulded onto each end. Bump in, do the job and bump out the same day or night, ...only now, since the Quick-Winder, the crying's much more likely to be over running out of beer than running out the cable.
When it's time to leave, standing on the bucket's flange and winding has reduced 10 to 40 minutes of agonising struggle (often accompanied by words that sound like "bucket") to an easy 2 to 5 minutes reeling-in, with no need to secure fragile ends with messy strings, dirt-collecting rip ties or sticky residue-spreading electrical tape.
A small hint for retrieval ... placing the bucket so the cable has to drag "up hill" into the bottom of the winder's mouth (winding from an elevated spot, such as a rostrum, stage or even the top of a road case) makes the bucket's "gravity feed" pack a "doughnut" that's both tighter and more even, hence easier to pay out on the next job. It's also better to squat next to it while winding, rather than bend the back. In my experience, this is made easier by children of all ages (7 to 70) seeming quite happy to stand on a flange for a "ringside" view of the reeling-in, such is the amazement and amusement generated by the seemingly miraculous simplicity of the thing.
I also reckon it can probably take almost double the length of Cat.6 that I'm using, but, aside from weight issues, overloading will definitely cause jams, rendering the purchase pointless.
For that bigger load, you may want to check out the QuickWinder RAP-200 Reel for Air Hose, Fiber Optic Cable or Electric Cord.
They're great all-round products that look as though they'll last and last."

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Protect your expensive extension cords with QuickWinder heavy duty cord reels. Convenient stackable power cord storage and cable management system! Whether you need to add to your construction tools or need a portable reel to provide marine shore power, Quickwinder can provide you with the proper electric cord storage solution.

 cord reel made in the United States of America
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