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Quickwinder Rap-100

The Rap-100 is our most popular power cord reel. The need to have 100 feet of 12-3 cord on the job is universal. When one figures out how much time you spend fighting these nasty bad boys, It makes this tool worth having just for religious value.

Think about how much time the average tradesman wastes handling cords and hoses, how many times are they at the bottom of the tool pile getting beat up, waiting to play hide and seek with the Osha inspector?

Cord Diameter Reel Capacity
1/4" 350'
3/8" 150'
1/2" 100'
5/8" 75'

Height: 11.5"
Base: 12" x 12"
Weight: 7 lbs.

(Price includes shipping for lower 48 states. Please call for other shipping)

Electric cords are made of oil resistant TPE-Rubber (SJEOW) which provides maximum flexibility year-round. Cords retain strength in temperatures as high as 212°F and flexibility in temperatures as low as -58°F. Superior resistance to sunlight, ozone, cracking, and chemicals, making this power cord organizer great for use in garages and industrial applications where extra protection is needed. Yellow jacket color is a highly visible safety color for work sites.

Factory installed options available with the purchase of a unit.
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