Quickwinder QCCW Quick Cable Coil Winder

The Quick Cable Coil Winder... (QCCW) is designed for video, stage , studio crews, communication cable installers, electricians , anyone that has to untangle, wind and rewind all sorts of cables into manageable coils in a short period of time with the least amount of effort. This device provides a method to accomplish that task. This can be done manually or if a ton of coiling needs to be done you can use the cordless power option to speed up the process. Suggestion... for the crew members on a set...locate the QCCW on an elevated position ...(on top of a case...maybe a dedicated stand)for ease of operation close to your control box.... . disconnect all the ends from mikes, amps, etc. and wind all the cables into coils in one location and store in your cases.....use the QCCW to unwind them in the same fashion....as you unload the coils set them on the open QCCW and unwind the cords. You eliminate the need to rotate the cable for every turn of the coil to let it lay flat. The four soft rubber feet mounted on each corner help stabilize the unit when coiling or uncoiling. (the top can be stored upside down to make a more compact unit to fit into your storage cases)

Height: 9.5"
Base: 16" W x 16" D
Weight: 12 lbs.

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